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Introduction to CORBA

The main components of CORBA\u2019s RMI framework are:
1. An interface definition language known as IDL.
2. An architecture.
3. The General Inter-ORB protocol (GIOP) defines

\u2022an external data representation, called CDR

\ue001specifies formats for the messages in a request-reply protocol.

\u2022including messages for enquiring about the location of an

object, for cancelling requests and for reporting errors.

4. The Internet Inter-ORB protocol (IIOP) defines a standard

form for remote object references.

\u2022IIOP is GIOP implemented in TCP/IP


CORBA services - generic services useful in distributed

applications e.g. Naming Service, Event Service.


Don't be put off by GIOP and IIOP

They are just names for familiar things

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