Rimorchio 4 Assignment

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Written Assignment 4  LESSON FROM THE CLASSROOM

Part A: Teaching strengths

CELTA is said to be a course primarily meant for those teachers who are goingto embark upon their teaching career. Generally young teachers tend to bemore flexible than the older ones. They are open to change themselves. Onthe other hand, experienced teachers often prefer to sticking to their oldmethods. Since I also had more than 20 twenty years of teaching experienceat my credit, it was quite difficult for me to unlearn some of the past methodsand relearn modern techniques and procedures to come up to the standardsthat CELTA has set for competent English language teachers. It was this pointthat Mr. Taufique, Head Trainer, impressed upon me during pre-CELTAinterview. He said to me, You are an experienced teacher and it will bedifficult for you to adapt yourself to the new methods and procedures. As Iwas determined to go for CELTA, I assured him that I would try my level best toshow the flexibility that was needed to be successful in the rigorous training.Now I feel fairly relieved that I demonstrated the amount of flexibility that wasneeded to sail through CELTA course. So I count this one of my strengths.Another point on which I feel I became gradually strong is the lesson planning.From my TP feedback, it is quite evident that most of the lesson were wellplanned and their execution in classroom, though not ideal, mostly achievedthe main and stage aims. Particularly, at elementary level, I showed a lot of progress. Generally, interaction pattern has also been satisfactory. In almostevery TP lesson, there was pair work and group work.While teaching at a university, most of my lectures were based onpresentations and as such my TTT was very high. Before I embarked uponCELTA I had never realized this fact though I always got a good reputation as ateacher. During the training, it was observed that this was the problem withevery trainee. The trainers and the observers launched a campaign to reduceTTT. Now I feel that not only I checked my TTT but also became a goodinvolver. Never ever before I had used games to stimulate the students. Neverever before I had done so much elicitation. ICQs and CCQs are some otherareas where we improved a lot. My first tutorial records in CELTA 5 show thatmostly I met the standard. My peers also made constructive criticism on everyTP lesson. In one of the TPs, one of my peers pointed out that 29 time I

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